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See You in Court or at a Round Table Meeting? – Achieving Agreements for Separating Families

30 AUG

The traditional way of resolving disputes on divorce or separation was to go to court. Now couples can choose other ways to reach agreements instead of having a solution imposed on them. One way to resolve issues is to attend round table meetings with lawyer support to reach agreements and enable everyone to move forward with their lives as amicably as possible.

Round Table Meetings

These meetings can help you listen and understand what is happening, what is most important to each of you and to talk about the options available.

They work best when you are able to appreciate each other’s interests and concerns. They rarely work when the participants want to be vindicated and to try to prove that they are right and the other is wrong. How many times have you got what you wanted by proving to somebody that they are wrong?

Having an experienced family lawyer by your side can help you feel more able to deal with the situation and give you confidence that agreements can be made legally binding.

Collaborative Law

Working collaboratively involves attending round table meetings with a commitment to work together including sharing legal advice. This commitment includes having to change solicitors if one person applies to the court for a hearing to determine the issues.

The lawyers are specially trained to work together with you, your partner and each other using collaborative negotiation skills. It often helps to focus on the wider picture and the future and to recognise that whilst you cannot change the past, you can make decisions now that help you achieve your goals for the future.

What to do next?

Our experienced family lawyers, Barbara Richardson and Nicola Codd, are collaborative family lawyers who can explain all the options and help you decide how you can do your best on separation to resolve issues as effectively as possible both from a financial and emotional perspective.

If you are considering a Pre-nuptial Agreement or Cohabitation Agreement discussing the terms of the agreement together with the support of our experienced family lawyers can make the conversations easier and the outcomes better for you both.

For more detailed advice and to arrange a meeting in Lancaster, Morecambe or Kendal contact Barbara Richardson or Nicola Codd on 01524 401010.

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