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Five surprising facts about divorce

11 JAN 2024

Divorce is a life-altering event that impacts individuals and families in profound ways. In the United Kingdom, the dissolution of a marriage involves a complex process that extends beyond the emotional toll it takes on those involved. While divorce is a common occurrence, there are several surprising elements associated with it in the UK that often go unnoticed. Here are five unexpected aspects of divorce in the UK that shed light on this intricate legal and personal journey. 

### 1. The Rise of ‘DIY’ Divorces The traditional perception of divorce involves lengthy court battles and significant legal expenses. However, one surprising trend in the UK is the growing popularity of ‘DIY’ or online divorces. Couples are seeking more affordable and efficient ways to end their marriages. Online platforms have gained popularity to help you navigate the process. These can work for many people.  

### 2. ‘No-Fault’ Divorce Law Reforms The UK used to operate a system that required couples to prove fault to avoid a lengthy separation period when getting divorced. A significant change came into effect in 2021 with the introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce laws. Now couples can file for divorce without placing blame on one party. This makes the process less acrimonious and more focused on amicable separation.  

### 3. The Impact of COVID-19 on Divorce Rates The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced various aspects of life, including relationships. Surprisingly, during the pandemic, divorce rates fluctuated in unexpected ways. There was speculation that lockdowns and increased time spent together might lead to a surge in divorce filings. However, data revealed a mixed picture, with some periods showing a decline in divorce rates, possibly due to limited access to legal services and court closures. This was then followed by a surge as restrictions lifted.  

### 4. Financial Implications and the Division of Assets In the UK there can be an intricate process of dividing assets and finances. While the principle of an equal split is generally favored, the reality is far more complex. The length of the marriage, contributions made by each party, and the needs of any children often complicate matters. Sometimes, assets that may not have been initially considered, such as inheritances or business interests, can also come into play. This is where an expert truly helps.  

### 5. The Emotional Toll on Children and Alternative Solutions Divorce also impacts children. It’s vital to minimise the effect on them. Using mediation or collaborative law can help minimise conflict – great for all parties. If mediation doesn’t work there are support services, tailored to help children of divorcing parents.  


CONCLUSION. In conclusion, divorce in the UK encompasses surprising elements that extend beyond the legal process. If you need expert help and advice with your family matters, speak to the team at BBP Legal in confidence. We are your legal experts. 


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Five surprising facts about divorce
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Five surprising facts about divorce
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