Family Law

Helping Children when their parents separate

30 January 2018

Separation and divorce is always difficult for us to deal with as adults so imagine how children feel when their parents separate. Whatever their age they are likely to feel a real sense of loss and may feel that they are in some way to blame.

To help them come to terms with this change in their lives over which they have little control, as their parents agree to do all you can together to help them, tell them you both love them, and do your best to be respectful of each other’s feelings and views. If you can, talk together about what you are going to say to your children. Try to look at the situation from both sides and on the basis that you both want what is best for them.

For children of school age or younger, a Parenting Plan can help you consider, with a view to agreeing, the arrangements for your children after separation. There is a helpful booklet available online at

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself as well as your children and access support. Your emotions and communication as parents will affect how your children react. Family and friends or professionals can all be helpful depending upon the level of support your situation requires.

For specialist legal help talk to our niche family law team in Lancaster. Nicola Codd and Barbara Richardson can help you evaluate all your options and are able to support you with direct discussions, at mediation and can work with you, your ex and their solicitor at meetings to resolve issues.

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