House Sale & Purchase

New Year, New Start, New Home

7 JAN 2022

If that’s the plan here are some top tips to help you out

Most importantly make sure you get your finances in order, if you are taking out a mortgage make sure you have a mortgage in principle agreed. It’s always best to do a rough calculation of fees you will encounter to ensure you have sufficient funds.

It’s a good idea to view any new property at different times of the day and even try having a chat with some neighbours to get a feel of the street…after all its always good to have good neighbours.

Have a survey carried out on the property, this is so important as a house purchase is in most cases the most expensive purchase you make so it’s important any issues are identified.

Its important to make sure you can insure any potential new property so it’s a great idea to get some quotes at the outset to ensure there are no issues.

Finally, once that perfect house is found you will need a Conveyancer to make sure everything is in order from legal point of view.

If you wish to discuss your new purchase with us or any conveyancing transaction for that matter then we will be more than happy to assist so why not give us a call on 01524 401010. We can guarantee you are in safe hands and will not regret it #safehands #noregrets #BBPLegal

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