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Resolving Family Law Disputes – What is Arbitration?

16 NOV 2018

Sometimes separating couples try to reach agreement but to resolve the dispute need someone independent to listen to them and make a decision that resolves those issues, enabling them to move forward with their lives.

In family arbitration the couple agree to appoint an arbitrator to make a decision that will be final and binding on any financial and property disputes or child arrangement issues. Once you have both committed to arbitration you cannot change your mind.  The same arbitrator deals with the case from start to finish and the decision is confirmed in a Court Order.

Family arbitration was developed to help couples resolve disputes more quickly, confidentially and in a more flexible and less formal setting than a Court room.  It gives you more control over the process including the ability to choose your arbitrator.  Unlike Court hearings you can ask the arbitrator to decide on one specific issue and not revisit the whole case.

Many arbitrators will arrange a no commitment meeting so that you can meet them before you decide together which arbitrator you want to resolve the issues.

Arbitration is not suitable for everyone but can be a much less stressful alternative to Court leaving you feeling much more in control of the decisions that matter.

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