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'Why Should I Make A Will?'

20 FEB 2020

“I am married, and my spouse will get everything so I don’t need to make a Will” is something that we hear quite often. The reality is however that this is not necessarily true.

A Will is important to see that your wishes are carried out. If you do not make a will then the Laws of intestacy state what will happen to your property, belongings and investments. Depending on your situation your spouse or civil partner may not necessarily receive your entire estate and a partner with whom you may have lived with for many years but are not married to or in a civil partnership cannot inherit at all under the Laws of Intestacy.

Baines Bagguley Penhale have a great deal of experience in preparing Wills to suit individual circumstances and will ensure that your Will is valid and properly signed and witnessed and carries out your wishes. If you make a Will which subsequently turns out to be invalid for some reason, perhaps because of an alteration or because the signing and witnessing has not been properly carried out then the Laws of Intestacy will apply, not the wishes expressed in your Will.

It makes sense to take professional advise regarding your Will. If you would like to have a chat about the steps that need to be taken to make or will or you would like an appointment to discuss your will instructions, contact  Jan Copestake or Olivia Hodgson who will be more than happy to help.

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