Fixed Fee Advice for Disputes

A Fixed Fee meeting produces advice quickly in a straight forward manner.

Meet the Disputes Team

Nicola Codd

....I cannot recommend Baines Bagguley Penhale highly enough and would suggest you come to them with any legal matter you are faced with...
T and Co of Morecambe

At Baines Bagguley Penhale we understand that sometimes clients need advice quickly and in a straightforward manner. We appreciate that when a dispute arises the possibility of incurring legal fees in order to resolve that dispute can be daunting.

We have therefore developed a specific Fixed Fee Advice service to assist clients who need to know where they stand and what their options might be.

We offer a Fixed Fee Advice service providing 45 minutes of face to face advice for a fee of £160.00 inclusive of VAT. Unless you specifically request it we will not provide a letter or written record of our advice and we therefore strongly recommend that you consider bringing someone with you to take notes on your behalf.

If you would prefer to have a written record of our advice we are happy to provide a full written report for an additional fee of £30 inclusive of VAT.

Getting the Best Out of Fixed Fee Meetings

Our aim, which we set out at the start of every fixed fee meeting is, so far as is possible, to provide our clients with the information that they need to enable them to make an informed decision about what they need to do next.

To enable us to do this we often need to review documents such as contracts or agreements, invoices or letters, that relate to the dispute.

We aim to provide our clients with the information they need to enable them to make an informed decision about what they need to do next.

To ensure that you get the most out of the fixed fee appointment we would suggest that you make arrangements at the point of booking your appointment to let us have any relevant documentation at least a few days before the appointment. This will enable us to get a clear picture of the issues before our meeting. To allow time for reviewing documentation where this is submitted to us prior to your appointment we can either charge an additional fee of £30 (inclusive of VAT) or reduce our face to face meeting time to 30 minutes.

Following a fixed fee advice meeting we will not carry out any further work for you unless we have agreed what work you require and discussed and agreed our fees for that work. You can therefore be certain that you will only need to pay our Fixed Fee and you will not incur any further charges unless you specifically agree further work to be carried out.

For further information or to book a fixed fee appointment please contact us.