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Avoiding Probate Disputes

30 MAY 2019

DIY Wills blamed for wave of probate disputes – another good reason to take professional advice when making a will …

It has recently been reported by the Law Society, that the number of inheritance disputes in the High Court has increased in the last year.

The report states that the rise is largely fuelled by the increase in DIY wills, which often contain errors and omissions; together with an increase in family members dealing with the distribution of the assets themselves.

The complexity of modern family structures and the growing value of property are also factors that appear to have influenced the increase in disputes.

A Do-It-Yourself Will may seem to be an be easier and cheaper alternative to instructing a solicitor but unfortunately this can often lead to :

  • Errors in the will itself
  • The will not doing what was intended
  • The intentions of the person writing the will being unclear and therefore misunderstood

This can not only lead to the estate being dealt with incorrectly but can also cause significant difficulties for those who are asked to deal with the estate.

The Law Society president Christina Blacklaws has said that “with the range of different estates and circumstances that exist, it is vitally important people consult a professional when writing their Will. Probate law is complex and DIY wills can easily contain mistakes which render them illegitimate or difficult to administer.”

We would always recommend that everyone takes professional advice when making a will to ensure that their wishes are carried out.

Our team at Baines Bagguley Penhale has the relevant expertise to provide you with appropriate advice.

See the full article here : https://test.lawgazette.co.uk/practice/diy-wills-blamed-for-wave-of-probate-disputes-/5070291.article

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